Cutting Cable

cut cableHave you ever thought about saying goodbye to your cable service? With a high speed internet connection, there really is no need to pay St. Louis’ cable provider, Charter, $60 a month minimum for cable service. Thanks to on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others there are better television entertainment options available without spending so much. Each of these service start at less than $10 a month, and any one of them has plenty of content to keep most people entertained.

One of the things that has held people back from cutting their cable in the past was the fact that sporting events were not always available streaming. When my family cut our cable we decided that for as much as we watch games we could not justify the basic cable package and vowed to go the a sports bar for games we wanted to watch. But there are actually options that do not even require you to leave your house.

Sling TV, for $20 a month, offers many popular channels in traditional television (“live TV”) format. In addition, if you need more sports channels or kids channels, for example, they have extra packages which start at $5 a piece. With a service like Sling, you do not need to worry about missing out on Monday Night Football, because the basic package includes ESPN.

Another reason I have been given for keeping cable is local channels. A lot of folks like to watch the nightly news, or veg out on some network sitcoms as they come out so they do not miss a beat during water cooler discussion at work the next day. The solution to this is to get an antenna. There are some pretty good quality HD antennas available for about the same price as one month of cable would cost. After that initial investment, you never need to pay for those channels again. This solution also brings in quite a few of the sporting events you might be worried about missing out on.

One thing to think about when cutting the cable is which device you would like connect to the TV to help you get streaming services like these on your television screen. There are a variety of options available all with certain benefits and drawbacks. Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV are just a few of the more common options. If you have any fairly recent gaming consoles, a lot of services are available on them too. Some services are available on certain devices which are not available on others. Therefore you will do well to think about which services you are interested before deciding which streaming media device to use.

What you will get as you cut the cable is long term savings when you trim away the expensive packages offered by the cable companies and more control over your entertainment with a lot more content that you can watch when you want to watch it. If you are looking for some help finding the solution that fits your individual needs, contact me and we can get started on the right plan for you.